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At Curious Kids we believe that science is so important that each class conducts a hands-on experiment every week. Engaging children in science makes them question the world about them and encourages them to use their curiosity to discover new sights, sounds, smells and textures.

Our kids actively participate in science lessons so they learn to observe, measure, pour, mix and stir. They are encouraged to look, touch, and smell at all stages. Our older kids are introduced to the scientific method of making predictions before conducting an experiment, recording data, and analyzing results.

We give our curious kids lasting memories through fun experiments designed to foster a love for science.

Tornado Tube: Making Vortices In Soda Bottles, Using Food Coloring And Glitter For Added Effect

Learning About Light & Color: Everyone Got To 'Touch' A Rainbow

Kids Get To Handle Butterflies Grown In The Classroom In Our Extra Large Tent
Making And Eating Ice Cream: Made in ziploc bags using ice & salt to freeze cream, sugar and vanilla mixture, yummy!

Studying Ladybugs Grown From Larvae

Making "Love Potions" for Valentine's Day - vinegar, baking soda and food coloring

Also For Valentine's Day We Colored Carnations With Food Coloring

Demonstrating Different Densities: Using Salt & Food Coloring in Water (red has most salt, yellow less, and clear none)

The Kids Made Different Habitats And Learned Which Animals Live In Them

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